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12 Years of Experience


From Fireplace Experts to High-End Interior Specialists

Churchill’s Fireside & Patio was first established in 1988. We dedicate ourselves to providing the greater Austin area with outstanding customer service, truly valuing everyone who walks through the doors.

Whether you are here to purchase a $2.00 lighter, or a $2000 fireplace, each customer is treated with respect and dignity. Churchills prides itself on honest and ethical business practices. We want to give every customer the perfect solution to their questions, assuring that they leave the store feeling enriched and valued.

From fireplaces, firepits, gas logs, heaters, and fireplace accessories; to numerous styles of outdoor furniture, Churchills only represents the highest quality and most respected brands available. Come visit our store, where only the best will do.

Gas Log Installation

Every one of our technicians has a minimum for 5 years experience before going out into the field. We take great pride in the aesthetics and safety involved in gas log installation. Anyone with gas plumbing experience is able to hook up a burner and cause it to light; however, it takes years of trials to fine tune the look of a log set. Each log being meticulously stacked to redirect flame into different directions. Each ember strategically laid to create the illustrious glow of embers. It takes years of hands on experience to take ceramic pieces and truly install a realistic work of art. Churchills offers installation on all of our products and select products from different manufacturers.

Lighting Pilots

Many different types of fireplaces and gas logs require pilot liots. It can be extremely frustrating on that first cold day of the year when your fire wont turn on! It’s worked in the past but this time you’re really struggling with it. Churchills offers pilot lighting service where we are able to go out and diagnose your set for you, and fix it. Sometimes gas plumbing can become clogged, or thermocouples can go bad. Whatever the case maybe; if you have an existing set but are struggling with operation, Churchills will help.

Doorhome Appointments

A fireplace tends to be the focal point of all living rooms, a place for families to gather and make memories. Over the years fireplaces have changed in look and design to match that era. If you are wanting to add some life to a drab looking fireplace, a rustic touch, or a modern edge; Churchill’s offers door home appointments. A fireplace door is a surround that goes onto your fireplace to completely transform the appearance. They are completely customizable in size, color, style, and accents. For a small fee we will send one of our designers to your house. She will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect door for your home, and ensuring it fits correctly. We are able to create doors within a variety of budgets, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a beautiful and functional fireplace!

Fluff Jobs

Over years of use gas logs will start to show wear and tear. The embers will start to fade and won’t glow as bright. The logs will start to accumulate soot and debris. The lava rocks will start to collect ash and become dull. Churchills offers a job called a “Fluff job” where one of our installers will come out and remove all your gas logs. They will then scrub them clean, add fresh new embers, and fresh lava rock. The result will have your older gas logs looking almost brand new! Please inquire if you’d like to enhance the look of your existing gas logs.

Dorothy Duhon

Dorothy has been the owner of churchills for 29 years. She is the lead designer in all aspects of fireplace doors and patio furniture. Having a focus in business and merchandising, Dorothy stays up to date on all trending styles and architecture in Austin. Years of outstanding customer service have allowed her to develop a dedicated client base and a real name for Churchills in central Texas.

Ray Duhon

Ray co-founded Churchills with Dorothy 29 years ago. His discerning eye, and creativity has set Churchills above and beyond the rest. Ray has instilled nearly 30 years of knowledge into his installers that have continued a lasting legacy of the most realistic gas logs available.

Tanner Blanchard

Tanner has been working with churchills for 8 years, and brought with him modern view. Tanner oversees the fireplace division and is hands on with all fireplace installation. If you’re in need of a fireplace for a new build or remodel; he is more than happy to take the time to go over viable options for you and assist in sales to installation. Until the project seen complete, Tanner is the Go-To man regarding actual fireplaces and coding.

Jason Johnson

Jason is the lead gas log technician for Churchills. For nearly a decade he has worked on all manufacturers, styles, and sizes of gas logs / firepits. Whether you’re wanting a new set put in, or an older set worked on, Jason is definitely the most knowledgeable on gas logs and gas burner systems.

Peyton Lewis

Peyton is the longest standing Churchills employee, with 16 years of experience in the company. Peyton has worked hard to perfect the craft of gas log installation. If your home is rustic, modern, or transitional, he will take the time to assure your fireplace is left looking perfect.  Peyton also has a exemplary knowledge of patio furniture. Having assisted hundreds of families in furniture, he is able to guide you into your dream outdoor seating area!

Amber Seals

Amber has been with Churchills for nearly 2 years. Her youthful exuberance and hard dedication has brought a fresh view of the industry to Churchills. Amber assists in fireplace sales, and works closely with Dorothy on all aspects of fireplace doors and Patio furniture. As a junior sales associate, she has a vast amount of knowledge on the different aspects of Churchills. Amber also handles all social media for Churchills, assuring our presence is known throughout the Austin Market.

Ethan Ayala

If you’re constantly at work and rarely home, but still want gas logs installed, Ethan is your man. He works around your schedule and installs everywhere from Austin to San Antonio. Well into the evening hours and on weekends, Ethan is dedicated to working around a customer’s schedule to assure they receive the best.

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