Fireplace Doors


We offer fireplace doors in a broad selection of styles and finishes to accent your fireplace and fit your decor. Designs range from simple to ornate: antique to modern. Select from a palette of colors and metal finishes in endless combinations. Stock and custom sizes are available for both masonry fireplaces and metal fireboxes.

Why should i install doors?

Few things in life are more comforting and endearing then a hot, crackling fire on a cold winter day. At the same time, we all know there is an element of danger to an open fire. Stoll’s positive latching cabinet mesh doors keep logs inside the fireplace and children and pets out of the fire even when the glass doors are open. So you can enjoy your fireplace with complete peace of mind. Stoll.

A properly designed fireplace will naturally draw air from the home to vent smoke. This also means that when a fire is not burning, your climate controlled air (warm in the winter and cool in the summer) will be escaping your home via the chimney. An open fireplace is like an open window; properly installed glass fireplace doors can reduce air flow through the fireplace opening by up to 99%.

The best thing about a glass fireplace door is that you can have safety and energy with beauty. Too often in life, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Not true with a glass fireplace door. With various designs from simple to ornate, antique to modern, and a large palette of colors and trim accents, a Stoll glass door will add an impressive accent to the overall “feel” of your fireplace room.

Please print and fill out the “How To Meaure” form below and bring it with you to the store!!  Home appointments are also available for a $70.00 service where we will measure, and design a door or surround for you on site. We will bring color samples, handles, finishes, and have hundreds of photos for custom doors we have created! f


Stoll Fireplace Doors

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