Ecosmart Fire

Ethanol is a clean burning alcohol fuel source. It is rated to burn inside, or outside without any venting! It is completely clean and safe to use. This is the perfect solution for homes where you want a fireplace but architecturally you cannot have any venting, or you want to have a fire pit somewhere easy to move. Ecosmart fire makes the most efficient ethanol burners available on the market. Crafted from the highest grade stainless steel, eco smart offers chic, minimal, modern options.


Napoleon has been specializing in fireplaces for 41 years. The canadian born company understands the want for fire in a home and the tradition that goes behind it.Their Direct vent fireplaces are the perfect option for when running a wide flue straight up isn’t viable. Their flex vent system allows us to vent directly out of an exterior wall or bend around framing. Napoleon offers a wide variety of traditional direct vent fireplaces and affordable modern selections.


Ortal’s modern, contemporary and traditional direct vent gas fireplaces create a sophisticated ambience. They’re the perfect focal point, generating a warm cozy atmosphere while adding a striking architectural element to any space. Featuring one of the largest selection of sleek and contemporary, modern fireplaces along with more traditional styles, you’ll be able to customize your Ortal gas fireplace to meet your specific size and design requirements.


Majestic fireplaces are the leading prefabricated boxes on the market. These fully assembled fireplaces are ready to be installed and have a flue ran within hours. With herringbone or traditional back panels and realistic ceramic pours; majestic offers units at an extremely affordable price point. Compatible with either gas or wood, these fireplaces come in a variety of sizes for an indoor or outdoor installation.


Many of us grew up with real masonry fireplaces. The perfect seams and real brick backing; masonry work elevates the look of a fireplace to a true piece of craftsmanship. Mason-lite offers this gorgeous traditional appearance at a 50% Less than using a true mason. Compatible with either wood, or gas logs, these fireplaces are revolutionizing the way builders are viewing masonry fireplaces. Truly elevating any sitting area to a place where memories are forged.


Napoleon’s electric fireplaces are easy to install in several minutes. They offer a wide variety of wall mounts, inserts, logs, and built in boxes that all operate off of electricity! With some of the greatest price points out there; Napoleon is sure to be a great product for any range of home owner. Churchills always has several styles of Napoleon electric units in stock that are ready to go out the door.


Dimplex is the award winning and fore-runner for electric technology in fireplaces. Boasting multiple Vespa awards at several yearly summits, Dimplex continues to dominate the market as the most realistic electrics available. From wall mounts and media consoles, to boxes and logs; Dimplex offers multiple sizes and styles for the discerning buyer. Churchill’s has been a recognized dimplex dealer for nearly 10 years, stop by the store to see several units live!

Vent Free

Vent free fireplaces are the perfect option for an outdoor, or indoor area where you don’t have the availability to run a chimney structure with a flue. These boxes operate off of gas or propane, and burn just the perfect amount oxygen to fuel where they are safe to operate without venting.