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Gas Logs


As an alternative to the traditional gas log option, Churchill’s offers a variety of modern choices. Once we receive the measurements of your fireplace, and know your gas type; We can walk you through the process of picking out the perfect Modern look for your fireplace.

The result is a beautiful modern or contemporary installation to your home, beautiful to look at in the summer or use in the winter.


There are many different types of gas logs. The majority of the time our customers want vented gas logs. This fireplace will burn wood, or burn gas ventilated through chimney .

Churchill’s offers many different types of in-stock vented gas logs. Each log is stacked individually for the most optimal appearance of flame.

Vent Free

Vent free gas logs designed for fireplaces without a chimney. These logs set a modern a modern look, and flames can be designed to shoot out in different areas. No soot is accumulated on the set, and a minimal amount of fumes are released. Similar to old space heaters, vent free units can operate with a closed off damper and provide the maximum amount of heat.

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