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How To Light Your Pilot

1. Turn the gas on at the key valve (turn the key left). The valve is
typically located on the right side.

2. Position the control knob on the valve inside the fireplace with
the word “PILOT” at 12 o’clock.

3. Press in on the control knob.

4. Using a long lighter (not a match), hold the flame under both the
pilot head and the thermocouple until you see the pilot flame.

5. Continue holding the knob in for approximately 30 seconds.

6. Release the control knob. If the pilot stays lit, proceed to the next step. If not, keep repeating steps 3-5 until the pilot remains on. You may need to hold the button in for up to 2 minutes.

7. Once the pilot stays lit, move the control knob to the “ON” position. The main valve to the burner pan will now open and the pilot will ignite the gas. If you cannot get the pilot to light, a service call will be required.

*Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.*


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How To Measure For Gas Logs

1. Measure the front width of the firebox.

2. Measure for the height of the firebox.

3. Measure the back width of the firebox.

4. Lastly, measure the floor depth of the fire box.

If you have a pre-existing gas line, please let us know where it is in the firebox.
(If not – please let us know where you would like us to place it.)

Let us us know the type of gas you will be using: Natural or LP. If you are unsure of what is available to you, our team will help notify you what options are available.


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How Do I Measure My Fireplace?

In order to measure your fireplace, you will need to record the height, width, and depth. Failing to record the proper dimensions can lead you to purchase an insert that will not fit correctly. To do this, you will need to record each dimension at different points to get an accurate reading. Firebox, fireplace opening, or cavity, it’s all the same!


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How Do I Light A Wood Fireplace?

To light the fireplace – you will need three main ingredients: fuel, kindling, and tinder. For the fuel, you need seasoned firewood logs. For the kindling, gather some large twigs or small branches. You can use old newspapers or pinecones for the tinder.


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Propane Vs. Natural Gas

For homes that have the option of choosing between natural gas and propane heat, the cost is often the most important concern. Natural gas rates are measured in price per cubic foot, whereas propane rates are measured in price per gallon. Like all fuels, the cost of both propane and natural gas is prone to fluctuation over time.


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How Do I Clean My Fireplace?

For basic cleaning, you will need to remove the grate and andirons from your fireplace. You’ll want to scrub them with a nylon brush, and then rinse with water and wipe dry. For the fireplace itself, you’ll want to shovel out the ash and debris in your fireplace. Once this is done, you can then scrub the walls with the nylon brush as well. We recommend placing newspaper or something at the floor, to collect the soot as you’re scrubbing.

For deep-cleaning and to ensure there have been no major leaks or cracks forming, we highly recommend hiring a professional service. Give us a call to find out more!


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